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We Go Green

As global service providers we embrace our responsibility towards sustainable management. Through our global solutions we develop and maintain Lean & Green programmes through and with our customers.

We care about people

Our employees are the engine of the company. Creating a safe working environment and ensur- ing the professional development of our people is top priority No. 1.

We care about our planet

Climate change is real. We are shifting up a gear to be carbon neutral by mid-century. Air qual- ity and biodiversity is what we want.

We care about fair-trade

We are the pioneer of responsi- ble international trade through our innovative and sustainable logistics services. We set the example.'


Working sustainably with added value for our customers, employees, investors and communities is indispensable to us. Therefore, we are committed to questioning and optimizing sustainability in all our actions. Sustainability is the key to a valuable future. A future where we want to succeed together, with our entire aprojects community.

Sustainability is the responsibility of everyone in our company structure and is independent of rank or position. Only a joint effort can contribute to long-term success and optimal returns for our customers.

This is why we put sustainability at the forefront of all our corporate goals. This goes from our own workplace, to our marketplace as well as our overall responsibility for the environment.