Charter Services

As competitive brokers, our team of professionals will act as intermediaries / negotiators between our clients (Charterers) and our database of direct vessel owners to arrange ocean transport of goods and commodities by sea, and to finalize the employment of a vessel with the best possible terms to meet the individual needs of both parties.

Our typical services include marketing of tonnage (Ships) to customers / shippers / charterers, negotiating spot / time charterers, setting up and negotiating deals, negotiating the main terms of a contract and concluding and preparing the final governing charter party.

We then follow the shipment through from start to finish to ensure a smooth shipment is completed.

Full-, part-, voyage- and time- CHARTERS

Through a strong contracting base, we provide a wide trading platform for a variety of companies and organizations that are supplying or buying material that is supplied over an extended period. It is also a great option for financial institutions or trading organizations that have a need to achieve a guaranteed freight level to offset any market fluctuation risk.

More Services

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