It's all about warehousing

For challenging projects or supply chains we provide intermediate staging areas. These can range from warehouse solutions direct on in/outbound terminals or further inland adjacent to final site delivery for site laydown. They are subject to custom formalities, bonded and non-bonded solutions are available for your cargo.

Marshalling yards & warehouses

We provide strategic marshaling yards & warehouses in various deep seaports around the world. With these facilities, we are able to consolidate your export cargo as well as store your import cargo temporarily before delivering it to the project site. Our yards are further suited for Heavy Lift handling, ancillary maintenance services, packing, repacking, shrink wrapping, repairs, or quality assessments. 

To keep track of your stock from supplier through the marshaling yard, to the site we provide multi-layer inventory management. Daily inventory and stock communications towards procurement, logistic leaders, and site managers are a must. Through bespoke services & resources, we provided high-quality yards & warehouses suitable for short and multi-year projects.

Bonded Warehousing

For long lead projects we provide dedicated bonded solutions to extend VAT regulations and tax optimization.

In these warehouses/yards, “last mile” engineering and manufacturing are possible to reduce expensive pre-carriage charges from supplier, OEM to the port of Export.

Bonded locations or FTZ are the perfect suitable for the transition of cargo or title transfers.

Packing & Crating

From line items to large-scale turn-key projects.

Bespoke packaging by customer packing specifications or unique designs is available directly on the waterfront.

Consolidating at a packing center delivers the following significant advantages:

Inventory Management

Full driven multi layer inventory management on a global scale provides our customers the visibility to keep procurement and the overall logistics budget under control.

From bolts up to +400mt turbines, we monitor the entire life cycle of every single product that passes through our warehouses or marshaling yards.

Besides quantity we assure also quality by keeping your product compliant by taking care of all preservations measures when required.

Reverse Logistics

For our OEM customers, Aprojects integrated a Reverse Logistic platform where temporary support products or packing is returned to the supplier base. Saving tremendous on manufacturing charges and waste materials.

All materials are designed, manufactured, maintained, and preserved by Aprojects.


Through our global warehouses, we provide kitting services to the end customer directly, ranging from the smallest component to the largest of construction.

From bolt and nuts to entire gearboxes for the Wind industry. This service comprises picking and packing, assembly, labeling, bagging, and wrapping. Customers are permanently advised about stock management. Improve productivity and reduce labor costs. Reduce inventory and improve cash flow

Customers are permanently advised about stock management.

The service comprises following:

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